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Safety Tips

Safety and Extras for Baby Wearing

  • Buboose are not a ONE SIZE FITS ALL carrier. They are ONE SIZE FITS MOST
  • Meets the T.I.C.K.S guidelines when used within recommended guidelines
  • This carrier is not recommended for use outside the recommended 5-15 kgs or past early toddler age. It is not recommended for Premature Babies or Babies with poor tone
  • Ensure your baby is correctly positioned in a comfortable seat and the fabric is knee to knee to support optimal M shape positioning for healthy hip development.
  • As a guide, your babies bottom should sit just below the diamond shape at the front of the carrier
  • Tuck your babies arms inside the carrier for additional support over the shoulders
  • Your baby may prefer to have its arms outside the carrier as they become older and more sociable
  • The recommended use is from 5 to 15 kgs (4 months to 2 years approximately). Baby through to early toddler
  • The velcro fastening tab to the front of the carrier is specifically designed to refasten across the back/and or top of the neck of your baby for support, please ensure you refasten the tab once your baby is in the sling
  • You may place your baby in the forward facing position from 6 months however only for short periods of time, it is not an optimal or natural position for your baby
  • Never lean forward with your baby in a carrier, always bend at the knees
  • Do not cook at an open flame with your baby in a carrier
  • Do not ride a bike with your baby in a carrier
  • Familiarise yourself with the instructions of use and practice getting your baby safely in and out