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Buboose Aqua Sling is perfect for carrying your baby in the water.  It is perfect for swimming with your baby. The Buboose Aqua Sling keeps your baby safe in the water. Buboose Aqua Sling gives you two hands free to care for other children.  Buboose Aqua Sling fits parents of all sizes.  Buboose Aqua Sling is adjusted by double set of rings.  Buboose Aqua Sling is simple to use and it is an upright carrier.  Buboose make the simplest baby carrier on the market. Buboose is a most comfortable baby carrier. It is a very comfortable baby sling that is an upright carrier. Buboose by Sling Things is the simplest baby carrier on the market means it is a very simple baby carrier. A cool baby carrier, makes it easy to carry baby, comfortable to carry baby, a light weight baby carrier and a fashionable baby carrier. An adjustment free baby carrier for baby wearing. Buboose by our brand, slips on like a t-shirt for fuss free baby wearing, no buckles or clips.

A cool, comfortable, quick and easy solution for baby wearing in hot climates. Buboose by Slingthings is the most compact baby carrier, it folds down to a small square that can fit in your handbag. This baby carrier is a beautiful, fashionable and most practical baby carrier. Slingthings makes attachment parenting enjoyable, attachment parenting is a joy, baby wearing is a joy. Buboose by our brand is ergonomic in design, it is the best baby carrier. A baby carrier for baby through to early toddler. These are pretty baby slings, they are fashionable baby slings, they are comfortable baby slings, they are a simple baby sling, they are the best baby sling. Slingthings is an easy to use baby carrier. The Buboose is best for traveling with your baby.